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  In recent years, various unmanned vehicle technologies and related innovative applications have developed vigorously, which has brought impacts and challenges to the current regulatory environment and supervision mechanisms of various countries. Therefore, in order to promote the development of unmanned vehicle technology in my country and other countries in the world, with reference to the supervision sandbox spirit of the Financial Technology Development and Innovation Experiment Regulations, all sectors of industry, university and research are given to carry out innovative experiments on unmanned vehicle technology, services and business models in the actual field. At the same time, it can temporarily exclude the application of relevant supervision regulations through the law under certain scope and conditions, and use this flexible space to encourage all sectors of industry, education and research to invest in the research and development and innovative application of unmanned vehicle technology to promote the development of industrial technology and innovative services.

  The Regulations were adopted by the Legislative Yuan in the third reading on November 30, 107, promulgated by the President on December 19 of the same year, and approved by the Executive Yuan to come into force on June 1, 108. In addition, in order to improve the operation of the unmanned vehicle technology innovation experiment mechanism, the regulations govern the application and review criteria of innovative experiments, the operation of review meetings, the issuance of experimental licenses, information announcements and notices, accident notifications and procedures for suspension of experiments. There are still four authorization measures, including the "Measures for the Management of Unmanned Vehicle Technology Innovation Experiments" and the "Measures for the Operation of Unmanned Vehicles Technology Innovation Experiment Review Conference" formulated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the "Unmanned Vehicle Technology Innovative Experiment Information Announcement and Measures for Handling of Safety Incidents and the Measures for the Issuance of Licenses for Unmanned Vehicle Technological Innovation Experiment Projects issued by the Ministry of Transport, the four authorization measures have been approved by the Executive Yuan and will come into effect on June 1, 108.


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